The White House has never been so white….

White House Grounds - The mesh

The White House complex is not as simple as it seems.

Washington D.C. is, topographically speaking, mainly flat. However, there are slight variations in topography, which, in the area of the White House, tend to fall down to the river Potomac in very smooth slopes.

The green areas next to the White House complex are, instead, a bit more tricky. Due to a constant arrival of expansions the whole area has suffered from artificial transformations of the terrain. We can notice all this while we take a walk around the buildings, finding from tiny and curvy hills in the southern lawns to steep slopes in the northern ones… or even sudden changes of level hold by breast walls right next to the central building.

It can seem, by looking at the renderings below, that everything is flat, however, if you pay attention carefully, you will notice all these topographical variations.

First-ever test renderings of the White House grounds….checking for mistakes.

Some previous of my new project…guess the building?

The White House, Washington D.C.

NHDK (2013)

Munich - Barcelona, like Guardiola but the other way round…

The India experiment went fine, but I felt very nostalgic form the west. After Amritsar I moved to Dharamsala, were lots of western people lives and works…I stayed for another month, it was awesome…but I had to come back.

I guess it was time to get home and start over again, however, the Spanish crisis was not very appealing, I had to do it differently, maybe not going to the city, maybe to the countryside…

Once back, I checked all the photographic content that I did in Munich, and I found a nice one of the Deutscher Kaiser, near the central station.

At the beginning I did not know that this project was going to going to end up the way it did.

NHDK (2013) (only 10 images)

From Olimpia Stadion to Amritsar…

The woman I was taking care of lived in a very modern neighborhood. Taking in consideration her disability she had to live in a building where there were no obstacles for her mobility.

Things were going ok, however, the contract lasted 6 months and she decided not to renovate it…as she probably understood that I was not the best profile for the kind of job I was doing.

So, I found myself without job living in a very expensive city and with an enormous need to continue with my artistic production.

Call me stupid, but at that time I thought that going to India (a country I knew already) could be positive to expand my savings, thus being free to focus in my art. So, I did. I packed with the minimum stuff, my 2 laptops, and made a trip to India.

Once there, destiny took me to the city of Amritsar where a fellow couchsurfer, Harish, offered me the chance to use his office. I stayed there 1 month and finish the piece below…

Symptoms of Rebellion (2012)

Symptoms of Rebellion (2012)

Learning German…

I love languages…they’re just like the keys to everywhere in this world.

Since 1999 that I started with Italian, I’ve added to the list, Latvian, French, Hebrew and of course English.

But now, (2012) I’m in Germany…so I guess I have to learn German too…so I did.

I got lucky (again) with this issue as I happened to meet a very nice girl, Italian, called Manuela, specialized in languages, that was studying in the Goethe institute to finish her German studies. She offered to teach me for free, as she had to train for the near future.

During the first half of the course she was coming every day to my place, a wonderful flat in Laim, a residential neighborhood to the west. She was very serious and committed, always coming on time…except for one day.

I guess finding a house upside down is as exceptional as Manuela coming late on a date!

Thanks Manuela.

Manuela is getting late (2012)

Manuela is getting late (2012)

A new research…abroad

Hard to find my own place back in Barcelona, I decided to move, again, to some place new, somewhere safer, where I shouldn’t have to renew any Visa every 3 months…so, it had to be within Europe (I guess I have to be thankful to the Schengen treaty…).

I contacted Marlene, and old friend from Tel Aviv, a journalist, german, from Munich…

Munich sound like totally different to Tel Aviv…and not so cold as in Riga…so, why not?

Amazingly she found me a job as a caretaker for a woman with disability…never done something like that in my life.

I needed the money, and I needed fresh air. So I took it.

Once in Munich, my love story with architecture kept on going. My first piece, dedicated to a contemporary apartments house surrounded by neoclassic ones…

12 ugly ducks (2012)

12 ugly ducks (2012)

Coming back to reality…

The fact of being expelled from Israel at the first time was not felt as something traumatic. It was going to be with the passing of time that I was going to start to feel a mix of feelings including disappointment, rage or nostalgia..

But the fact was that I came back to Barcelona…the place that is supposed to be my home…

Well…it is indeed, but after 3 years away…things were not so easy.

If was summer of 2011, and the first thing that hit me in the head was the astonishing mass of tourists, especially coming from Russia that were moving everywhere.

Barcelona was becoming a super money machine…yeah

Barnawood (2011)